Young People, Witnessing to the Faith

On the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, Bishop DiLorenzo has invited all of us to grow in a deeper relationship with Lord Jesus through his Body, the Church. What an wonderful exhortation as we embrace the challenge to witness to the truth of our humanity through the Gospel in the United State today which is mission territory. In my homily I mentioned Patrick Deneen (an associate professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame) who in an article in Communio, entitled: Religious Liberty after Liberalism: Re-thinking Dignitatis Humanae in an age of illiberal Liberalism stated that “nonbelief is an epidemic among the young”. We all know from our personal experience of family and friends that he is correct however there are signs of young Catholics under thirty who are embracing the challenge of the new evangelization with minds renewed in Christ.

A Parishioner sent me this link: Enjoy reading about these young Catholics who are expressing their personal relationship with Jesus as they engage their environment with an intellect informed by faith. Also visit Front Porch Republic at: http:// and enjoy other articles by Professor Deneen of Notre Dame. May we set the world ablaze with the love of Jesus.

Another interesting website/blog to visit would be Msgr. Mark Lane’s Blog “Beyond the Frame” at . Specifically, you may want to visit these two posts from his blog: and
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