Reflection at Carrion

Last night at Carrion we have a beautiful Mass at 8 pm. The church was full with locals and pilgrims. After Mass the priest invited all the pilgrims to come forward for a blessing and a little gift. So many came forward and we acknowledged our nationalities. So many people of different languages and nations united in one faith. The Catholic church is truly the most exceptional institution on the face of the earth! One Dutch Protestant pilgrim whom I met on the way a few days before knew I was a priest. He told me this morning that when he saw a priest bless a priest he was brought to tears. After the blessing the priest invited us to the Mary altar and we chanted the Salve Regina. I listened with heartfelt devotion and my heart was filled with thanks to profess the Catholic faith in the midst of such linguistic diversity. What a blessing to experience the universality of the church.