Camino Day 20, Solemnity of the Triumph of the Cross. Molinaseca.

Day 20. Sunday, September 14, 2014. Solemnity of the Triumph of the Cross. Molinaseca.

Today started with coffee, toast and jam at the albergue (a typical breakfast for Spain) and we set off up the mountain. An hour later we bought supplies for the day and were soon at the Cruz de Ferro (Cross of Iron). This cross is located at highest point of the Camino and it is traditional for pilgrims to leave a rock as sign of leaving their burdens at the foot of the cross. The site has an iron cross on a tall wooded pole surrounded by a large pile of rocks, left by pilgrims over the years. Each of us left rocks we had brought from our homes and I left the flash drive with the petitions I had brought from the parish. We prayed morning prayer at the site, appropriately for the solemnity of the day, the Triumph of the Cross.

We were treated the first hours of the journey with spectacular views all around us. For a while we were above the clouds. Not since our first days crossing the Pyrenees did we see such views.

Pausing at a rise for refreshments, all of a sudden clouds rolled in around us turning the air chilly. As we began to walk again rain started, forcing us to pull out our rain gear. The rain would be intermittent all day, making our path wet and slippery. Before the end of the walk we had a thunderstorm, arriving at the albergue soaking wet. The thunder certainly hastened our pace.


In ten days we plan to be in Santiago.







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