Camino Day 26, Palas de Rei

Day 26. Saturday, September 20, 2014. Palas de Rei.

67K to Santiago.

We began a little later this morning. Sunrise seems to be coming later than when we first began and there is not the need to begin early to beat the heat.

We were grateful that there was no rain today, even though it was forecasted. As you can see by the photos, we had a glorious day.

Sep20-4 Sep20-2 Sep20-3

There were a number of steep inclines but the Camino has conditioned us for them.

We are seeing eucalyptus trees in addition to the usual flora, but the flowers looked especially beautiful today, and some even seemed enormous!

As we neared our destination we walked through a park that seemed to go for miles. As we walked we could hear gunshots in the distance. Later we came to a group of local hunters huddled around the body of a 300 pound wild boar.

There seems to be two classes of pilgrims; the worn out pilgrims, like us, and the ones who have just begun. We are seeing more pilgrims than in days before. At times there are practically traffic jams of pilgrims. We spotted some pilgrims taking part of their Camino today by taxi… but who are we to judge?

Ours mind are definitely focused on getting to Santiago, but the short time left seems to have made us more appreciative of what and who we encounter along the way.

Palas de Rei is a larger village that seems to cater to the needs of pilgrims, with many albergues, restaurants and bars. Our albergue is directly across from the parish church where we will attend the pilgrims’ Mass at 8:00 pm.