Ollantaytamoo, Peru

We started out with a nice leisurely morning. We had a long breakfast in the hotel speaking to fellow travelers as they came in. We took a walk into the town, quiet on a Saturday morning. We were amused at the taxi, a scooter really, with a very little backseat.

We were fascinated by the little cemetery at the edge of town which was colorful and expressive of the people’s devotion. We saw a cross at the cemetery chapel which was unlike anything we’d ever seen. We stopped at a lovely restaurant for pizza and a local beer.
Ollantaytamoo-2  Ollantaytamoo-3  Ollantaytamoo-4  Ollantaytamoo-5

Our tour took us to Ollantaytamoo, the site of an Inca city complex. We had no idea what to expect, but were fascinated at the engineering of this incredible site. There were terraces and many stairs leading to the site of the Temple of the Sun. The stone for the temple were brought from the next valley, in slabs so massive it was hard to imagine how it was possible without modern technology. The climb was difficult but worth it for the views and to see the structures above. Our guide was enthusiastic as he told us about the site.





The visit went longer than expected making us late for evening Mass. An added treat was there was a wedding during the Mass.