Day 1 in Bangkok

At a little past midnight I arrived in Bangkok so the morning came early to begin a tour the next day. We began a walk through the flower markets at Pakklong Talad and enjoyed the beauty of the riot of color of so many flowers. We watched them make garlands.


After that we boarded a boat. What a discovery. Our guide pointed out that Bangkok is called the Venice of the East. We took our boat across the wide canal called a klong to visit the Temple of Dawn. The climb up the temple was steep but afforded some great views of the city where modern buildings dominated the urbanscape.





After the Temple we visited the Royal Barge Museum which houses the ornate teak and gold royal barrages used for royal processions. (No photographs were allowed).

We the took the boat through canals in the residential outskirts of the city for a cooking demonstration and lunch. Our cook prepared a red curry paste with pepper corn, coriander root, garlic, lemon grass, galangal, chilies, lime rind and shrimp paste. This red curry paste was then added to chicken, prepared with coconut milk, basil, and fish sauce. What complicated preparation; however the final result was fantastic.

After lunch we boarded the boat and once again we motored through canals and arrived back at the hotel in the late afternoon. That evening I took a few photos of life on the streets which is very lively and colorful.