Celebrating Julian Easter in Bucharest

At the noon Angelus address today Our Holy Father extended his Easter greeting to those who follow the Julian calendar. So today was Easter Sunday morning for the Romanian orthodox. This made my morning walk in the narrow cobbled stone streets of the old city where tiny churches are tucked away very easy. Mass is broadcast into the streets so you follow the chant and find these exquisite jewels.

Kretzulescu Church

Buch-025412    Buch-025339

Stavropoleos church. I could not get in; however it is beautiful.


Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary church, shown above, and here, reflected in modern glass.

Annunciation church, from the mid-16th century is one of the oldest in Bucharest. The church was part of the palace complex.

Buch-035414   Buch-035535   Buch-035542

Saints Emperors Constantine and Helen Patriarchal Cathedral, the Orthodox basilica in Bucharest.

Gazing Heavenward.