Easter Week Walk Through Bucharest

On this Easter Monday on the Julian calendar I decided I would enjoy an extensive walk. When I arrived I recalled that Bucharest was named the Paris of the East. On my drive in I was very perplexed why it would have been called that 70 years ago. I am beginning to discover that everywhere you look there are late 19th century buildings in various states of repair and disrepair, in a state of restoration or deterioration that withstood the destruction of Ceaușescu’s urbanisation plan that destroyed so much of the architectural patrimony of the city and the devastating earthquake in the ’70s. Everywhere I look there are beautiful 19th century buildings often times overshadowed by ugly socialist architecture.

On my long walk to the open air Romanian village museum I was struck by the many wonderful examples of domestic architecture from the 19th century. And the city is graced with grand boulevards and parks from the 19th century urban planning.

Notice the wonderful ceramic on this residence.









Since it was Easter Monday my morning walk was punctuated by visits to churches.  Once again the Mass was broadcast into the streets so I would hear the singing that would lead me to the next church.

Buch-020254This walk was on Victory Avenue which is broad and lined with beaautiful 19th century palaces and parks and good examples of domestic architecture. My lengthy walk today today has been an architectural feast for the eye.

These are some photos from the open-air ethnological museum which was established in the mid-1930s. They took various homes and churches from all over Romania that date back to the 18th and 19th century and assembled them in this museum.

Buch-032617       Buch-034633

In the afternoon I continued my walk through parks and enjoyed the botanical gardens.  On Easter Monday and Tuesday the city is very quiet and many shops are closed so the parks are full of families enjoying Easter.