More on the Unique City of Ashgabat

The city bears the artistic signature of the first president. All the buildings are of white italian marble and gold. The National Museum houses many ancient artifacts recovered on digs.

The central atrium of the Museum.

Monuments in marble and gold abound. This is the Arch of Neutrality and on top of a 12 meter high statue of the first president, Niyasov. The polished gold statue used to revolve to follow the sun.

This is Independence Square.

Turkmen2-041602The architecture defies description. Marble and gold buildings, wide boulevards and extravagant water features are everywhere. Marble apartments are everywhere and construction is everywhere as well.

Not only do the buildings glisten in the sun, they are illuminated with colored lights which change through the night. The cube shaped building is the wedding palace. One guide said the city is nicknamed Las Vegas.


This is one of the new hotels built for the asian Olympics across from the stadium. Then the hotel turns pink while the stadium changes colors. This is a far cry from the drab days of the Soviets.

Turkmen2-035039There is even a new hotel nicknamed the Dubai Hotel. My driver said it looks like a drop of water then another guide said it looks like a teardrop across from the wedding palace which dominates the cityscape.

Miles and miles of marble and gold and colored illumination gove the city a uniqueness. My guide said they made the Guiness Book of Records. Ashgabat is one of a kind.

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