Video: The Hidden Pearl – The history of the Aramean people

The ancient legacy of the Christian faith in southern Turkey, Syria, and Iraq brings a richness to our understanding of Jesus. Although this ancient legacy may be hidden from our western eyes, it is a treasure to be discovered: a pearl of great price.

This is a documentary movie, 197 minutes, “The Hidden Pearl.” Learn about the Aramean people before and after Christianity, about their language, their culture, their religion and traditions.

Saint Ephrem the Syrian, in his Pearl poem, writes:

On a certain day a pearl did I take up, my brethren;
I saw in it mysteries pertaining to the Kingdom;
Semblances and types of the Majesty;
It became a fountain, and I drank out of it mysteries of the Son.

I put it, my brethren, upon the palm of my hand,
That I might examine it:
I went to look at it on one side,
And it proved faces on all sides.
I found out that the Son was incomprehensible,
Since He is wholly Light.

Read the rest of the poem.

Pope Benedict reflects on Saint Ephrem: the harp of the Holy Spirit:

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