Theological Conversations

Join us at Sacred Heart Parish, Norfolk, Virginia, each Wednesday evening at 6 p.m. for our ongoing theological conversations, which begin immediately after the 5:30 p.m. Wednesday Mass each week.

The ancient legacy of the Christian faith in southern Turkey, Syria, and Iraq brings a richness to our understanding of Jesus. Although this ancient legacy may be hidden from our western eyes, it is a treasure to be discovered: a pearl of great price. This is a documentary movie, 197 minutes, “The Hidden Pearl.”

Learn about the Aramean people before and after Christianity, about their language, their culture, their religion and traditions. This documentary will also give you an insight into the culture into which Islam emerged in the 7th Century.
Click here to view: The Hidden Pearl

Our first three conversations on Christian-Islamic dialogue set forth the need to appreciate the world of the 7th Century in which Islam emerged.

Professor Gabriel Said Reynolds gives us a short introductory lecture provided here: Lecture by Prof. Gabriel Said Reynolds.

You may also enjoy exploring Professor Reynold’s webpage, which gives access to other well-informed resources: website for Professor Gabriel Said Reynolds.

When Islam emerged into what is today Iraq, Syria and Southern Turkey, the Muslims encountered a Syriac Christianity. Professor Sydney Griffith at Catholic University of America presents a very good lecture that helps us to gain access to the 7th Century world. Click here to listen (YouTube, but audio only) to the lecture: History of Muslim-Christian relations:

The purpose of our ongoing theological conversations is to gain an understanding of Islamic and Christian theological positions: where we agree and where we differ.

Dr. Nebeel Qureshi, who recently completed his doctorate at Oxford University in England, delivered a lecture on the Biblical witness of Jesus in conversation with the Quranic Jesus. 

The lecture is very spirited in that his purpose is apologetic, that is to give a reasoned defense of the Christian faith he professes. 
BBC interview with Dr. Nebeel Qureshi

Lecture by Dr. Nebeel Qureshi

And finally, here is the first three chapters from Professor Christian Troll of Munich, in which he offers a clear and simple presentation of getting a handle on the theological issues that are at stake in Islamic Christian dialogue.

Muslim Questions, Christian Responses (PDF file)

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