Reflections on the Midsummer Nights Seminar on Paul

THANK YOU so very much for giving me a wonderful opportunity to share my love for St. Paul, who is so often not only misunderstood by modern Christians, but often time maligned as well.  Although I was not able to exegete the final passage from Romans (12:1-12), and discuss the passage on the veiling of women in Corinthians, I will offer an evening; “Midsummer Sequel” in the fall and address both the passages and also speak about how Paul’s rhetoric in Romans is a way in which he tries to overcome the Roman Christian community’s misgivings about his mission.

Please visit the Pauline lectures at Villanova University held in 2008.  These lectures will expand the many themes we touch on during our summer seminar. Also visit my blog, The Wonder of Truth.

The lecture by Fr. Jerome Murphy O’Connor will be a good synthesis of the timeline of Paul’s ministry that we discussed.  His mission was not only in words, but in deeds.  He manifested the life of Jesus in his body through a total commitment to the very end.

The lecture by Dr. Paula Fredriksen, delivered at Stanford on the “god-congested” world of St. Paul, was intriguing.  Of course, we too live in a god-congested world.  The lecture by NT Wright: “What Gods Do We Believe in Now?” will be a good reflection for ourselves.

Thank you to the many people who made Midsummer Nights happen.  From the great food, the awesome decorations, the beautiful children’s music and the teens who worked to bring Paul to the children.  

Again, I thank you so very much for this wonderful opportunity to share my love for the scriptures that strengthens me in my commitment to the Catholic faith of the ancient Christian Church: a faith celebrated with such beauty and enthusiasm at Sacred Heart.  If Paul walked into our assembly he would feel right at home in a robust and orderly community.