The Beautiful Umbrian Countryside

This morning we began our descent to the village of Poreta as we begin our Camino to Trevi.

The trail was restful.

Along the way we befriended the local dogs and cats.

We came to a little bar for cappuccino and the owner was so hospitable. We had a lively conversation in Italian and she showed us her little farm. She told us the people of Umbria still have the spirit of Francis, a spirit of simplicity and hospitality. We have experienced that first hand.

The goat was friendly as well as the other animals.

Entry into the little farm.

She picked fresh fruit for us for our pilgrimage

Happy beginning in the morning.

Our Camino was through beautiful olive groves.

And these beautiful pencil cypress.

The village Campello.

The Umbria landscape is so memorable.

Beautiful oleader.

This day of the camino was so beautiful.

Can you detect the blue and yellow marker?

The last two hours to Trevi were excruciating under the intensity of the sun.

There was no relief and when saw shade we took advantage of it for a roadside picnic.

The main square in Trevi.

Notice the frescoes on this palazzo.

Trevi is very high up so it offers great panoramas.

This is where we ate and enjoyed wild boar and local sausage. I hope these pictures give you an insight into a day on the camino. Today was very exhausting because of the intensity of the heat of the sun. The day was long and perhaps the most arduous. When I looked down from Trevi to the valley below I realized we had climbed up a mountain!