Father Tom Mattingly and Father John Peck, OSB, joined me in making the 31-day pilgrimage with me in 2014.  Of the various routes available, we made the Camino Frances, beginning in the French border town of St. Jean de Pied de Port. These were the updates from Spain while on pilgrimage. Thank you for the prayers for me and my companions. I was so happy to carry the prayers of my parish and my blog readers with me on this pilgrimage.

Almost Home…
Camino Day 31, Santiago… Last day
Camino Day 30, Santiago, Rest Day
Santiago at Last, Part 2
Reflection: My Feet Are Raw, My Body Is Weary
Camino Day 28, Pedrouzo
Camino Day 27, The Feast of St. Matthew. Ribadiso de Baixo
Camino Day 26, Palas de Rei
Camino Day 25, Portomarin
Treasures of Samos Monastery in Galicia
Camino Day 24, Sarria
Camino Day 23, Triacastela
Camino Day 22, Feast of Ss. Cornelius and Cyprian, La Faba
Camino Day 21, Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. Villafranca del Bierzo.
Reflection: Solar Iconography
Camino Day 20, Solemnity of the Triumph of the Cross. Molinaseca.
Camino Day 19, Rabanal del Camino
Camino Day 18, Astorga, Part 2
Camino Day 18, Astorga
Reflection: Soothing Balm for the Weary Pilgrim
Reflection: An Artistic Jewel
Day 17: Leon
Reflection, Day 12: The Wonder of a Starry Night
Day 16, Calzada de los Hermillios
Day 15. Terradillos de Templarios
Reflection at Carrion
Day 14, Carrion de los Condes
Day 13, Boadilla del Camino
Day 12, Hontanas
Reflection on Days 8 and 9: The Book of Nature
Day 11, A Rest in Burgos
Burgos Cathedral at Night
Day 10, Burgos and Burgers
A Folio of Altars
A Reflection on Day 9: Crossing Paths
Day 9, Juan de Ortega
Day 8, Santo Domingo de la Calzado
Day 7, Logrono to Najera
A Reflection On The Way: The Blessing Of Blisters
Day 6, Estella to Logrono
Day 5, Puente La Reina to Estella
Day 4, Pamplona to Puente La Reina
Day 3, to Pamplona
Day 2, to Zubiri
Day 1, to Roncesvalles

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