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Bachkovo Monastery

Plovdiv-043757The Bachkovo monastery of the Mother of God is one of the oldest and largest Orthodox monasteries in Europe from 1083.

The monastery church.


The refectory of 1601 has great artistic value.

Plovdiv-044706This depicts the Council of Nicaea that triumphed over Arius whom you see on the floor.

The Jesse tree.

The Last Judgement.


The Visitation.

The Visitation.

Saints Helena and Constantine.

Inside the church is the wonder working icon of Virgin Mary Eleusa of 1310 brought from Georgia. This is one of the three miraculous icons in Bulgaria.

Plovdiv-045736Gazing heavenward.


The current church was built in the 19th century over the prior church destroyed by the Muslims of the Ottoman empire.