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The Brightness of God

The brightness of God illumined the holy city Jerusalem,
and the nations will walk by its light.
Cf. Bar. 5:5

A Christmas crib in Cologne, Germany.

A Christmas crib in Cologne, Germany.

There are many wonderful traditions associated with Epiphany. Saint John Cantius in Chicago gathers them here.

Saint Ephrem the Syrian sings of the star and of John the Baptist:

In the Height and the Depth the Son had two heralds.— The star of light proclaimed Him from above—John likewise preached Him from beneath:— two heralds, the earthly and the heavenly.

The star of light, contrary to nature, shone forth of a sudden—less than the sun yet greater than the sun.— Less was it than he in manifest light— and greater than he in secret might because of its mystery.

The star of light shed its rays among them that were in darkness—and guided them as though they were blind—so that they came and met the great Light:— they gave offerings and received life and adored and departed.

From the Prayer after Communion on Epiphany:
Renewed by sacred nourishment, we implore your mercy, O Lord,
that the star of your justice may shine always bright in our minds
and that our true treasure may ever consist in our confession of you.
Through Christ our Lord.

O Come Let Us Adore Him

Epiphany, when the mystery of the Incarnation was made manifest to the kings!

A manger scene, or crèche, or presepio/praesepio, or, in German, krippe, can be found in most churches at Christmastime. I found that the city of Cologne has a pilgrimage where you follow the “stars” to visit the cribs, not only in churches but in some shop windows.


Sternsingers, "star singers," carrying the star, in Vienna.

Sternsingers, “star singers,” carrying the star, in Vienna.

Enjoy these cribs, from Bingen, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Vienna.


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