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Church of Saint Stephen

We arrived early in the morning to celebrate Mass at the church of Saint Stephen, the first martyr.

The interior of the church built over the ruins of a 4th century church dedicated to his memory, the Church of Saint Stephen.


Saint Luke

Saint Joseph

Saint Jerome

Saint Mary Magdalene

Saint Catherine of Siena

Saint Thomas Aquinas

Saint Dominic

Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Dominican Church, Vienna

Dominican church. Although there has been a church at this location since 1247, because of fires and heavy damage sustained in the first siege of Vienna the church you see today was built in 1631 and this Italian baroque was introduced to Vienna. The interior is quite ornate. Since it is a Dominican church, the theme of the Rosary is very prominent. Notice the high altar depicting Pope Pius V proclaiming the Feast of the Holy Rosary.

The theme of the Rosary is incorporated into the pulpit. There is a blue globe surronded by a Rosary.


In the apse are two paintings depicting historical battles whose victories were ascribed to the power of the Rosary: Lepanto (1571) and Muret (1313).


The frescoes on the barrel vault from 1675 are stunning. They depict 46 scenes from the life of Our Lady.

Dominikanerkirche facade.