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The Family That…

The family that prays together, stays together.  The family that disconnects, reconnects!


“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” These words of Saint Thomas Aquinas speak to the heart of every happy Christian life.  On the Corpus Christi Sunday we affirm that friendship is the heart of the real and substantial presence of Christ who speaks to us these words in the sacrament: “I no longer call you servants instead I have called you friends.” (John 15:15). Jesus wishes to build up a friendship with us and with one another through his sacramental presence. And in doing so the image of God in whom we have been created comes closer to the  perfection that we will experience in eternity.

Synod on the Family

The Synod on the Family going on now in Rome has even reached the network news here. The news often covers the controversies, but there is important work going on at the Synod. Read these words of wisdom from Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, metropolitan archbishop of Galveston-Houston.

There is no doubt about the stresses which afflict our families and the Sacrament of Marriage in the last 50 years. Great grace and virtuous determination is required to sustain the commitments of the marriage covenant and the raising of children in our world. In more developed countries the issues are frequently reduced to a distorted sense of personal freedom and an attitude of “it’s all about me.”

In other countries the sheer economic poverty and exploitation of persons are other factors that destabilize marriage and family life. …

Given (to us) the limiting circumstances of Greek Roman family arrangements of the time, it is still remarkable to hear the words of mutual respect and sacrifice as the core of marriage and the raising of a family uttered by St. Paul so early in the days of Christianity, when the Faith seemed so small and the numbers of Christians so minimal.

Please read the rest at the Cardinal’s blog.