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Raqchi and Abra La Raya, Peru

Raqchi and its abandoned temple Wiraqocha were our next stop.

Local market at Raqchi

Local market at Raqchi

A ittle traffic jam in the market.

A ittle traffic jam in the market.

Raqchi temple, Built for the worship of the highest and invisible Incan god. The temple was built in order that the invisible god would keep the volcano in check.


Granaries. There were 200 granaries in this agricultural complex. This land was at a lower elevation to sustain agriculture which they would barter for alpaca and llama they would graze at the higher elevation.

The flowers in the ruins of stone walls and the constant sound of thrushes made the visit most delightful.



Lupine was planted on the higher terraces so nitrogen would be supplied to the lower terraces; then the beans were processed in the water so they could be consumed, however the poison was retained in the water of the man-made lake where the sheep would be dipped to rid them of topical vermin.