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Bridge on the River Kwai

After the markets we continued on the bus to Kanchanaburi Province. As a child I remember the movie The Bridge on the River Kwai. Now I would see the river Kwai and its beautiful riverside scenery; however the cemetery we visited was a vivid reminder of the incredible suffering the Allied POWs and Asian conscripts endured under the Japanese in building the railway.

Kwai-5     Kwai-6

Kwai-8   Kwai-9

The cemetery was a fitting memorial to the 61000 Allied POW and 200000 Asian laborers who were forced by the Japanese to build a 260-mile stretch of rail. We had a chance to walk on the original bridge on the River Kwai.

The museum at the Hellfire Pass was a sobering reminder of the untold suffering of so many. The 45 minute walk on the trail which was the construction site of the most difficult section of the River Kwai Railway. The walk today is so peaceful; however as I walked, the images from the museum were so present in my mind that the intense cruelty led to the loss of so many human lives. For every half mile of track laid, 38 POWs perished.Kwai-14 Kwai-13 Kwai-18 Kwai-17 Kwai-16 Kwai-15 Kwai-11

We arrived late afternoon at our camp. The tents are fantastic and the view of the river Kwai is fantastic. The evening concluded with a barbeque.