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Three Lessons from Modern Martyrs

“There is only one word capable of capturing what is happening to the Christians in the Middle East: martyrdom. The unarmed witness exposes the jihadist’s counter-testimony and reveals the virus that has destroyed whole countries, from Syria to Iraq: the quest for victory at any price through the annihilation of those who are different. Distracted and narcissistically self-absorbed for far too long, Europe now is powerless.”

Read the rest at MercatorNet .

Merry Christmas

May our incarnate Lord bestow his many blessings upon you and your family on this Christmastime.

During this Christmas may we keep in our prayers in a special way our persecuted brothers and sisters in the Middle East.

I also share with you this beautiful Arabic Christmas hymn.

This Christmas I pray in hope that one day the Middle East, the birthplace of Our Savior, may be at peace and that Christians be an important part of the future of the Middle East. May the Lord once again reign in human hearts that seek the good of their brethren: Muslim, Jew, and Christian.