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Theological Conversations

Please join us each Wednesday evening for daily Mass at 5:30 p.m. and then at 6 p.m. for the ongoing theological presentations in the church commons area.

Three Religions of Abraham, Or Only One?
Professor Remi Brague, a professor of Arabic and religious philosophy at the Sorbonne, in his book On the God of the Christians (and on one or two others) points out that the “Abraham” that the three religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) would have in common is a vague abstraction. For Islam, “Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian, but a true believer, and Muslim” Quran III, 67.

Professor Gabriel Said Reynolds of Notre Dame offers a short reflection on Abraham.
Abraham in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Professor Samir Khalil Samir is a Jesuit who is an author and professor at Saint Joseph University in Lebanon. He wrote a short book that I highly recommend, 111 Questions on Islam.

There also are two videos that I highly recommend:
The Radicalization of Islam and
Pope Benedict’s Regensburg talk.

Nebeel Qureshi offers several video lectures that can be beneficial in our ongoing theological conversation to try to understand the growing number of Muslims in the United States. First of all, Islam is more than simply the Quran, it is a way of life. Qureshi gives us in this lecture an insight into how the practice of Islam shaped his life until his conversion to Christianity as a young adult. Apologetics of the Quran.

At the beginning of the video he quotes from why Islam website devoted to bringing westerners to Islam. Their mission statement sums up our discussion last night of how Muslims understand their faith.

And I would recommend his lecture on the text of the Quran. The Text of the Quran.

This website, Why Islam, is a way the Muslims spread their mission to call people to their faith. The site gives a clear understanding of what they believe, as well as how they understand the Christian faith in relationship to Islam.