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New Church in Northern Iraq

The Lord continues to provide for his faithful in the midst of adversity, through the generosity of his disciples.

“Two years after being forced out of their homes, Christians taking refuge in the Erbil in northern Iraqi have a new church….

The new church was funded with the offerings of the faithful, according to Independent Catholic News. Besides providing a spiritual home for the refugees it will also be a center for their pastoral care, the report said.”

First Communion Shows Hope

As we approach Corpus Christi Sunday may we recognize that the presence of Christ powerfully comforts those Syrian and Iraqi refugees who have lost everything; however they have the one gift no one can take away: their faith in the presence of Christ in the Eucharist. May our profession of faith this Sunday be in solidarity with them at the altar.

Trevi Fountain to be Red This Friday for Martyrs

To highlight today’s Christian Martyrs, Rome’s Trevi Fountain will turn red, apparently at 8 pm Rome time, or 2 pm Eastern. There is a webcam of the Trevi Fountain here.

Nina Shea writes in First Things,  “Tomorrow, on April 29th, Rome’s white marble Trevi Fountain—its swirling waters and the charging baroque statues of Oceanus, his sea shell chariot and attendant tritons and horses—will all be turned blood red in a campaign to raise awareness about modern day Christian martyrs. The popular fountain is decidedly not Christian-themed and historically seems to have inspired only frivolity. The pontifical foundation Aid to the Church in Need and a coalition of other Catholic Italian non-governmental organizations that are co-sponsoring this performance art are counting on this unlikely juxtaposition. They hope that the coin tossing, selfie-taking throngs of tourists, as the frivolous Western public at large, will be given pause, if only briefly, to contemplate the surging pattern of mass murder of Christians purely for reasons of faith, largely by Islamists.”

More from Crux:  “On April 29, the Trevi Fountain, one of the most popular and emblematic tourist spots in Rome, will be dyed red in recognition of all Christians who even today give their life for the faith. The event is being organized by Aid to the Church in Need and seeks to ‘call attention to the drama of anti-Christian persecution.'”

Turkey Expropriates Some Churches

“Last month, Turkey’s Islamist government passed a law regarding the “urgent expropriation of the Sur district” of the Diyarbakir province, taking control of 82 percent of the region’s properties, including all of the area’s Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant churches. The government said that the move was necessary to rebuild and restore the area’s historic center.” Read more about Turkey’s actions at the Clarion Project.

Copts, Keeping the Faith in Egypt

‘But what we discovered was that the story of the persecution and perserverence of the Egyptian Coptic Christians actually was much deeper and longer than the modern era.’ Read the rest at Coptic Christians: Keeping Their Faith in Egypt.

Also, this short film yields some insight into how the ancient Christian faith flourished in Egypt and yielded such great fruit that shapes our faith today.