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Plovdiv, Bulgaria

This morning [May, 2015] I began to wander the streets of old town Plovdiv which is one of the world”s oldest cities.

The city has many beautiful homes that point to a wealth 100 years ago when it was an important cultural crossroads.

This is a reconstruction of a Roman gate.

And Roman road.

The Roman milestone. Prior to the Romans Plovdiv was named Philippopolis after King Philip the father of Alexander the Great.

Today was the feast of Saints Helena and Constantine. People were bringing flowers to church and choirs were rehearsing for the Mass. One gets caught up in the chant which is mystical.

The city also has a Roman substructure that is being excavated. The Roman theatre is a masterpiece.

Plovdiv-022332 Plovdiv-022816 Plovdiv-023323 Plovdiv-023038    Plovdiv-022912    

Then on to the Russian church. The city was also home to some heretics called the Paulicians who were dualists, that is a Gnostic movement that gave way to the Bugomil heresy.

Bell tower of Saint Nicholas.

Then on to the mosque with this solar clock.

In recent years excavations have uncovered portions of the stadium.


This is the model of the Roman stadium.


Wonderful morning markets.